02/05/02 - I added Archie Backlin's photos.  Also added his old and recent photo on the replacement crew page.  Thanks Archie!

Jan-Feb 2002 - You will find a slightly different look for the website!  I have added several photos that were contributed by shipmates Everett Besch, Charlie Hungerford & "Ace" Ancona.

07/05/01 - I have added the recent photos of Ayers, Hungerford, Morris & West to the "Crew List" page

06/11/01 - I have added numerous photos graciously submitted by shipmate Patrick Kinney.  Miscellaneous additions also made.

05/30/01 - Numerous additions to crew list.  Updated Contact Info.  I have created a new guestbook page.  I found out that the old one was not working.  Someone should have told me!  The new guestbook should be working now, so leave me your thoughts!

04/23/01 - I have added a bunch of links to other websites on my Links page.

04/04/01 - Added a page from the commissioning deck log (12/30/44) that contains a listing of all the original sailors onboard the AM242.

03/23/01 - In "The Ship" section, I added a new link called "Guns".

03/23/01 - Reunion section has been changed.  I sorted through the reunion pictures and decided each reunion needed its own page.  More reunion photos have been added.

03/18/01 - Added reunion photos from October of 1997.  At this reunion were once "lost" crewmates Redding Martin & Everett Besch.

03/17/01 - Well, my site has been having problems these past weeks.  One day the server just wouldn't let me access any of my files.  Whatever was wrong seems to have corrected itself & it is back online.  Everyone cross your fingers :-).  I have changed the layout so that you can navigate through the site with the links at the left.

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