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Information & images contained on this page were obtained from "The Bluejackets' Manual 1944"

"Ratings in the Navy are divided into branches in accord with the special duties of each - Seaman Branch, Artificer Branch, Artificer Branch (Engine Room), Aviation Branch, Special Branch, Specialists, Commissary Branch, and Steward's Branch. "

Seaman Branch (Right arm rating device)

Rating Abbreviation Specialty Mark Pay Grades Duties
Boatswain's Mate BM 3-1 Work with canvas and hoisting with block and tackle.  Handle rope, wire, and anchor chain.  Handle power and sail boats.  Steer ship and chart courses.  Direct salvage.
Boatswain's Mate A BMA 3-1 The above and in addition, Master-at-arms.
Coxswain Cox 4 Work with canvas and handle boats.  Know signaling.
Turret Captain TC 2-1 Take charge of gun turret and crew.  Assemble and repair guns.  Handle ammunition.  Operate periscopes and range finders.
Gunner's Mate GM 4-1 Take charge of gun and crew.  Assemble and fire all types of guns.  Handle ammunition.  Handle mines and depth charges.
Torpedoman's Mate TM 4-1 Lubricate, assemble, charge and fire torpedoes.  Lay mines and drop depth charges.
Torpedoman's Mate E TME 4-1 Torpedoman's mate electrical.
Quartermaster QM 4-1 Steer ship and take soundings.  Use range finder.  Plot bearings.  Know signal control and navigation.  Send and receive International Code by blinker, searchlight and semaphore.
Signalman SM 4-1 Stand signal watch on bridge.  Identify flags.  Use blinker, searchlight and semaphore.  Use range finder, searchlights, signal apparatus.
Fire Controlman FC 4-1 Stow, inspect and repair fire control instruments.  Take charge of fire control equipment.  Know electricity-A.C. and D.C.  Man fire control stations.
Fire Controlman R FCR 4-1 In addition to above, range finder operator.
Fire Controlman S FCS 4-1 Submarine fire controlman.
Mineman MN 4-1 Carry and move mine cases, anchors, cables, lines, buoys.
Seaman S   6-5 Know naval drill duties, knots, steering and signaling.  Stand watch and gunnery  duties.
Apprentice Seaman AS   7 Know naval drill duties, tie knots.  Stand watch.

Artificer Branch (Left arm rating device)

Rating Abbreviation Specialty Mark Pay Grades Duties
Radioman RM 4-1 Transmit and receive radio messages.  Encipher and decipher messages.
Radio Technician RT 4-1 Maintain radio equipment
Radarman RdM 4-1 Stand radar watch and operate radar equipment.
Carpenter's Mate CM 4-1 Use hand and power tools.  Take charge of ship ventilation, painting, watertight control, drainage.  Understand shoring and drydocking.
Shipfitter SF 4-1 Use hand and machine tools for steel metal work.  Bend, repair and fit pipes.  Operate fire extinguishers and rescue breathing apparatus.
Metalsmith M 4-1 Make plans, time and cost estimates.  Work in copper and brass.  Temper metals, repair damage.  Test for watertightness.
Molders ML 4-1 Equip and work in foundry.  Make castings.  Use molding tools.  Operate oil furnaces.
Patternmaker PM 4-1 Use pattern and molding tools.  Execute intricate patterns.
Sonarman SoM 4-1 Operate special sound equipment.
Sonarman H SoMH 4-1 Operate special harbor sound equipment.
Painter Ptr 4-1 Prepare and apply paints and linoleum.  Take charge of and repair fire extinguisher and rescue breathing apparatus.
Telegrapher T 4-1 Send and receive cables.
Special Artificer O SAO 4-1 Repair all optical instruments, such as telescopes, periscopes, compasses, range finders.
Special Artificer I SAI 4-1 Repair typewriters and watches.  Coat lenses of optical instruments.
Special Artificer D SAD 4-1 Knowledge and repair of special training devices.

Artificer Branch (Engine Room)

Rating Abbreviation Specialty Mark Pay Grades Duties
Machinist's Mate MM 4-1 Operate main and auxiliary engines. Adjust, repair, and overhaul engines.  Be familiar with ship's drainage systems, distilling plants, evaporators and pumps.
Machinist's Mate E MME 4-1 Engineman.
Machinist's Mate G MMG 4-1 Industrial gas generating mechanic.
Machinist's Mate R MMR 4-1 Refrigeration mechanic.
Machinist's Mate S MMS 4-1 Shop machinist.
Motor Machinist's Mate MoMM 4-1 Operate machine tools.  Operate and maintain internal combustion engines and engine auxiliaries.  Knowledge of pressure and air systems.  Be familiar with electrical apparatus.
Electrician's Mate EM 4-1 Use electrical tools and repair electrical equipment.  Charge storage batteries.  Wind armatures.  Stand watch on main gyrocompass and in main control room of electrically driven ships.  Repair telephone circuits.  Apply first aid in case of electric shock.
Water Tender WT 4-1 Take charge of fireroom when under way.  Maintain, repair, and overhaul boiler system.
Boilermaker B 4-1 Fit pipes, make repairs in boilers.  Know construction of marine boilers and fireroom safety precautions.
Fireman F   6-5 Fire and tend boilers.  Operate, adjust and repair pumps.

Aviation Branch

Rating Abbreviation Specialty Mark Pay Grades Duties
Aviation Pilot AP 3-1 Pilot planes and airships.  Serve as plane captain.
Torpedoman's Mate V TMV 4-1 Torpedoman's mate assigned to aviation activities.
Aviation Carpenter's Mate      
Aviation  General Utility      
Aviation Machinist's Mate AMM 4-1 Assemble, service and repair airplanes and airplane engines.  Splice aircraft wiring.  Know principles of flying.
Aviation Machinist's Mate C AMMC 4-1 Aviation carburetor mechanic.
Aviation Machinist's Mate F AMMF 4-1 Aviation flight engineer.
Aviation Machinist's Mate H AMMH 4-1 Aviation hydraulic mechanic.
Aviation Machinist's Mate I AMMI 4-1 Aviation instrument mechanic.
Aviation Machinist's Mate P AMMP 4-1 Aviation propeller mechanic.
Aviation Electrician's Mate AEM 4-1 Inspect, maintain, repair and install all electrical equipment of naval aircraft.
Aviation Radioman ARM 4-1 Operate radio transmitting and receiving equipment of naval aircraft.
Aviation Radio Technician ART 4-1 Maintain all aviation radio equipment.
Aviation Metalsmith AM 4-1 Repair airplane metal parts.  Know principles and theory of flying.
Aviation Ordnanceman AOM 4-1 Handle and take care of all aviation weapons.
Aviation Ordnanceman B AOMB 4-1 Aviation bombsight mechanic.
Aviation Ordnanceman T AOMT 4-1 Aviation turret mechanic.
Parachute Rigger PR 4-1 Pack and repair parachutes.  Parachute jumping experience.
Aerographer's Mate AerM 4-1 Make weather observations.  Read weather codes and signals.
Photographer's Mate PhoM 4-1 Organize and direct operations of Naval photographic unit.  Operate motion picture machines.  Develop negatives and make prints.
Airship Rigger AR 4-1 Control and moor airships.  Know steering and meteorology.
Painter V PtrV 4-1 Aircraft painter.
Storekeeper V SKV 4-1 Aviation storekeeper.

Special Branch

Rating Abbreviation Specialty Mark Pay Grades Duties
Yeoman Y 4-1 Take charge of ship's office.  Take dictation, write Navy letters.  Prepare reports and keep personnel records.
Storekeeper SK 4-1 Take charge of ship's storeroom.  Issue and account for stock and clothing.
Storekeeper D SKD 4-1 Disbursing storekeeper.
Storekeeper T SKT 4-1 Handle technical stock material.
Pharmacist's Mate PhM 4-1 Take charge of sick bay.  Do minor surgery and administer simple medicines.
Hospital Apprentice HA 6-5 Know minor surgery, first aid and nursing.  Maintain sanitary conditions.
Musician Mus 4-1 Play standard band music.  Read music at sight.
Buglemaster Bgmstr 4-1 Know all bugle and drum calls and honors rendered.  Lead and instruct a corps.
Bugler Bug 6-5 Play in a bugle and drum corps.  Know bugle calls and honors.
Printer Prtr 4-1 Take charge of ship's printshop, set type.  Read proof.
Printer L PrtrL 4-1 Lithographer.
Printer M PrtrM 4-1 Multilith operator.
Ship's Service Man B SSMB 4-1 Barber.
Ship's Service Man C SSMC 4-1 Cobbler.
Ship's Service Man L SSML 4-1 Laundryman.
Ship's Service Man T SSMT 4-1 Tailor.


Rating Abbreviation Specialty Mark Pay Grades Duties
Specialist A Sp(A) 4-1 Athletic instructor.
Specialist C Sp(C) 4-1 Classification interviewer.
Specialist F Sp(F) 4-1 Fire fighter.
Specialist G Sp(G) 4-1 Aviation free gunnery instructor.
Specialist I Sp(I) 4-1 Punched card accounting machine operator and mechanic.
Specialist M Sp(M) 4-1 Mail clerk.
Specialist O Sp(O) 4-1 Inspector of Naval material.
Specialist P Sp(P) 4-1 Photographic specialist.
Specialist P (PG) Sp(P) (PG) 4-1 Photogrammetry.
Specialist P (LB) Sp(P) (LB) 4-1 Laboratory.
Specialist P (VM) Sp(P) (VM) 4-1 V-mail.
Specialist P (MP) Sp(P) (MP) 4-1 Motion picture production.
Specialist Q Sp(Q) 4-1 Communication specialist.
Specialist Q (CR) Sp(Q) (CR) 4-1 Cryptographer.
Specialist Q (TE) Sp(Q) (TE) 4-1 Technicians.
Specialist Q (IN) Sp(Q) (IN) 4-1 Radio Intelligence.
Specialist R Sp(R) 4-1 Recruiter.
Specialist S Sp(S) 4-1 Shore patrol; Master-at-arms.
Specialist T Sp(T) 4-1 Teacher.
Specialist T (LT) Sp(T) (LT) 4-1 Link Trainer Instructor.
Specialist U Sp(U)   4-1 Supervisor of WAVE quarters.
Specialist V Sp(V) 4-1 Transport airman.
Specialist W Sp(W) 4-1 Chaplain's assistant.
Specialist X Sp(X) 4-1 Specialists not elsewhere classified.
Specialist X (ED) Sp(X) (ED) 4-1 Engineering draftsmen.
Specialist X (TD) Sp(X) (TD) 4-1 Topographical draftsmen.
Specialist X (CT) Sp(X) (CT) 4-1 Cartographers.
Specialist X (PL) Sp(X) (PL) 4-1 Plastic experts.
Specialist X (TS) Sp(X) (TS) 4-1 Air stations operations desk (time shack).
Specialist X (QM) Sp(X) (QM) 4-1 Operation-plotting and chart work.
Specialist X (PI) Sp(X) (PI) 4-1 Pigeon trainers.
Specialist X (SB) Sp(X) (SB) 4-1 Telephone switchboard operator supervisors.
Specialist X (VA) Sp(X) (VA) 4-1 Visual training aids.
Specialist Y Sp(Y) 4-1 Control tower operator.

Commissary Branch

Rating Abbreviation Specialty Mark Pay Grades Duties
Chief Commissary Steward CCS 1A-1 Supervise ship's galley.
Ship's Cook SC 4-2 Supervise and prepare cooking.
Ship's Cook B SCB 4-2 Butcher.
Baker Bkr 4-2 Operate ovens.  Do any kind of baking.

Steward's Branch

Rating Abbreviation Specialty Mark Pay Grades Duties
Steward St 4-1 Take charge of mess arrangements.
Cook Ck 4-1 Take charge of galley.
Steward's Mate StM 7-5 Serve at table in officers' mess.


Construction Battalion

Rating Abbreviation Specialty Mark Pay Grades Duties
Construction Battalion CB   Construction



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