Navy Pay Grades





The following information was obtained from The Bluejackets Manual 1944


"The rates of pay for Navy men are fixed by law and vary from time to time as laws are changed.  The following table shows the pay grades for the various ratings, with the basic pay per month of each grade as established in 1942.


Pay Per Month

Class or Rating



Chief petty officers, permanent appointments.



Chief petty officers, acting appointment.



Petty officers, first class.



Petty officers, second class.



Petty officers, third class.



Nonrated men, first class.



Nonrated men, second class.



Apprentice seamen.

Note:  Pay in the Steward's branch is one exception to the above table.  Cooks and Stewards are in pay grades 1-4 inclusive, and Steward's Mates 5-7 inclusive.  There are no petty officers in this branch.

Extra pay - In addition to the base pay shown in the table men receive further increases in pay as follows:

1. Men on duty where quarters or rations in kind are not furnished are granted daily allowances ranging from $2.75 to $5.00 a day, depending on the man's station.  This allowance is controlled by Executive Order of the President and may vary from time to time.

2. For awards of the Congressional Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, or Navy Cross, $2.00 per month is added to the pay, beginning at the time of winning the medal and lasting during the service of the man.

3. For length of service the base pay is increased 5 per cent after the first three years of service and 5 per cent additional for each 3 years' service thereafter, the total not to exceed 50 per cent.

4. Other additions to base pay are given for those men performing special services such as:  crew's messmen, gun captains, gun pointers and gun director pointers, gun range finder operators, mail clerks, expert riflemen, expert pistol shot, sharpshooter, divers, submarine service and aviation duty involving individual flight orders.

5. After serving one year in the Navy an allowance of $35.00 is paid for the upkeep of clothing, which is paid in quarterly installments of $8.75.  This allowance may be changed by law from time to time.  Members of the Women's Reserve also receive an additional clothing allowance, the amount of which may be changed from time to time."


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